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Mrs. Bandana

Mrs. Binny

Miss S Singh and Mr D Singh

Dr Manisha Singh was very caring and explained the entire process of how to take care while dealing with the problem of Endometriosis.

In fact I have never come across a doctor who was candid enough to suggest the long term treatment plan of the disease (medically and socially).

I sincerely hope that with her treatment and guidance my daughter will overcome the problems with ease.

Thank you.
Miss S Singh and Mr D Singh


Mrs. Aprita

Finally, coming to Dr.Manisha Singh, I want to thank her again for cleaning me up. I feel fresh because of her 1 note solution to have the surgery done and a "no"nod to my desire to avoid surgery and take up some other possible way. She is a person who throws confidence to the patient. She not only states the solution but states it with such conviction that gives a volume to the decision you would make. I must say, considering the type of person I am and outlook I have towards Hospitals or Doctors, it was her way of talking or explaining the things, that made me walk up to Fortis and close the procedures one after one.

I took quiet sometime between the procedures because 1 didn't want to force myself and my Husband into what we don't like. However, it was "factor" Dr.Singh only what made me tell myself — ok, lets go ahead. She would go all the way to help you and make you feel comfortable, be it emotional or documental. I thank her for not just the surgery but also whatever she did to help us getting through the insurance processes.

We would also like to extend our thanks to Ms.Bindu for guiding us on the insurance and in general.

Additionally, l would like to thank the nurse who prepared me for the surgery and took care of me during nights of my stay in hospital. I must say, patients like me who for various reasons miss the presence of family/ motherly figure around during those stressful moments, she is the one who fills that gap. I could not meet her after my discharge but if possible kindly arrange to extend my thanks to her.

I also appreciate the nurses of creation department & the particular nurse in ward on Floor 7 who handed me the discharge documents for all the kind words shared from time-to-time.

During the visits and the stay, I have interacted with many other people but not everybody is worth mentioning. However, presence of all the above mentioned good people in Fortis- bannerghatta, indeed makes a difference to the centre. We didn't intimate our parent about the surgery with the conviction that everything will be fine and with God's grace, it was. I may sound emotional here but I have been taught to see God in every figure I come across. When it is Hospital and very first Surgery, I am sure anybody would pray to God to be by their side and I thank God to be by our side in these above forms. After returning home, when we intimated family, all we said was "we were in good hands and good company... Don't worry now!!"

Myself and my Husband are very happy that we choosed Fortis- Bannerghatta for getting answers to our questions and are sure to return to this centre for all our future requirements.


Hello Dr. Manisha,

Warm greetings from Maldives once again. I'm Mrs. Maastha who is really lucky to be one of your patients.

I am so glad that I had the chance to be one of your patient. Your surgery for my severe Endometriosis and the medications given for the same post op really worked.

As you advised I tried for a baby after three months and during the first cycle after three months, I got pregnant and I have just passed the first trimester.

Now I'm running the first week of 2nd trimester. Me and my husband are so happy and so much thankful to you.

Look forward to seeing you shortly.

Kind regards,
Mr and Mrs Maastha


Mrs. Jeeva Rani


First of all we thank you for the wonderful support in providing enough confidence which we lost before we approach Fortis (Especially Dr. Manisha Singh).

We thank you so much Dr. Manisha for her surgery and also Dr. Lakshmi for her care and supportive words.

One thing I observed very unique compared to other hospitals (we have gone through hospitals like Cloud nine, Apollo), is that we could always see some care, politeness and smile among the nurses and Receptionists (Kavitha Especially). We were well informed about out treatment by the Dr. Manisha Singh.

This is what we found lacking while we went for a treatment in other hospitals.

Finally special thanks to Dr. Manisha and her team for the wonderful support and the treatment.

Senthil Kumar / Jeeva Rani


Mrs. Padmashree


I was lost in other world. I saw Manisha Singh achievements and her experience in this field and got impressed. I got appointment easily through walk in consulted her. I was detected with endometriosis.

Which was scary and life threatening disease. She checked it in ultrasound and confirmed it was very mild and consoled not to worry.

She prescribed medicines which I took for 3 months and now on 4th month and I am conceived and successfully completed 5th week 5 days. Will be visiting after 2 weeks. Praying god for safe pregnancy.

Thank you


Mrs. Savithri

I got to know about the Fortis Endometriosis centre through a bill board advertisement. I must say that when I called the number provided, I received good response and a very quick appointment to see Dr Manisha Singh. I am a patient who is 42 years of age and experiencing a health condition, called Endometriosis and Adenomyosis, which the centre specialises in.

A special mention to Ms. Kavitha, whose kind voice led me here to Fortis and to the doctor who has helped me find solutions to my problems. Dr. Manisha Singh, came across as a very warm and experienced doctor who made me understand what I was going through with total clarity and helped me take the call on the solutions. Dr. Lakshmi has been great help when I came to meet her when Dr. Manisha was away. After taking a decision to get myself surgically corrected, I chose Fortis to be the destination.

The complete nursing and medical care, pre operative preparation, tests conducted and procedure followed by post operative care and review has been exemplary and I am so glad I made this choice. Many thanks.


Miss Tiyasa

I was suffering from ovarian cyst problem which is now diagnosed as ENDOMETRIOSIS. I stay in Kolkata, but I was not getting proper treatment there. So I choose Fortis Bangalore. Here I got my proper surgical treatment. People of Fortis are very friendly and helpful. They helped me and treated me like my mother takes care for me. Now I am getting well very fast. I am actually recovering.

The Doctors are very nice. Dr. Manisha Singh and Dr. Parimala Devi are not just doctors for me, they are my friends. They are more closer to me than my family. Staff and nurses are also very friendly and helpful. I am glad to be a member of Fortis family. They are just perfect.



Mrs. R

Mrs. R, a young free-spirited woman had not realized that endometriosis was behind her failure to get pregnant. She had thought that giving it time would make it happen as she was still young. But when the couple consulted Dr Manisha Singh at Fortis on the insistence of R's sister, she was diagnosed with PCOS and thyroid problems. She was asked to exercise and bring down her weight.

After that she was put on medications for infertility and started trying through her monitored natural cycles. But when this did not work, they were adviced to start Intra-Uterine Insemination. But the results were again negative. Mrs. R was shattered but got lot of support from her husband and Dr. Manisha and her team. After taking a break, she consulted the doctor again. At her next visit, she came face to face with a harsh reality - a scan detected that she had developed bilateral ovarian endometriomas (ovarian cysts). "The doctor advised me to undergo a Laparoscopic surgery for its excision. She gave us lot of strength and hope," says Mrs. R. The surgery was successful but it during the surgery it was found that her ovaries and left fallopian tube were badly affected. After three months of recovery, she underwent an ICSI cycle, and after a couple of failed attempts, she was able to conceive through a frozen embryo replacement cycle. Mrs. R says that Dr. Manisha and her team's never dying spirit and her husband's support made the impossible possible.


Mrs. CR

When Mrs. CR first heard that she had endometriosis, it was painful news for her and she was emotionally devastated. She and her husband were already in a fragile state of mind because years of trying for a child had not borne fruit. When they came to Creation at Fortis Hospital, the infertility assessment showed that she was at an advanced stage of Endometriosis

And that had impaired her ability to have children. CR had no knowledge of the crippling disorder nor was she familiar with assisted reproductive technologies, which made her feel vulnerable and nervous. With her husband by her sidem, she was given a lot of support by the Dr. Manisha and her team at Creation and she started her journey first with laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis followed by IVF. It proved a blessing as she was able to successfully conceive. "I felt relaxed and happy as all my nervousness, confusion, anxiety disappeared once I met the doctor at Creation Fortis and the nursing team. This helped me get through the painful procedure of IVF without any problems," she says.


Dr. N

For Dr. N, it has been a long and painful battle with the disease, which affected her early in life. At a very young age itself, she had to grapple with debilitating pain in the lower abdomen during her menstrual periods and she also experienced heavy bleeding. Her life came to a standstill for those days as her pain would interfere in every aspect of her daily normal activities.

She went to many doctors but it was mostly put down to menstrual pain and she did not get much help. The first time she was asked to get a ovulation scan done, nothing showed up, so she did not receive any treatment. Dr. N suffered silently and went for another consultation only after she got married and when she and her husband were unable to conceive. This time after detailed investigations, she was diagnosed with endometriosis - she had chocolate cysts in her ovary. Laparoscopic surgery was done and when she was still unable to conceive, Intra-uterine insemination was done at the same place but it was unsuccessful. That is when she decided to come to Fortis and seek help from Dr Manisha Singh, at Fortis. It was found that the endometriosis had recurred and she was suggested to undergo further laparoscopic surgery. After a successful treatment she underwent IVF and this time there was good news. The couple were ecstatic with the news and are now the proud parents of a eight-month-old baby boy.


Mrs. X

Today, 7 years later as I write my story, I wonder why I thought 'my plan' for my life, my dreams for building a family, my hopes for conceiving a child, my aspirations were better and would make me happy.I am writing my story for women around the world today who continue to suffer silently with adenomyosis and endometriosis, for women who believe that they were born to conceive a child, for women who believe that excruciating pain - pre, during and post every menstrual cycle for 20 days in a month is the norm

I was diagnosed early in 2008 with adenomyosis and endometriosis. The doctors I met during that time said, if I conceived soon, these symptoms would be restrained for a while at least. However, this condition was really a situation of the 'chicken and egg’. To conceive, I needed to curb the endometriosis and to curb the endometriosis, I needed to conceive. So the following year my husband and I chose to opt for an IVF treatment to conceive. The doctor at the time did not consider treating the endometriosis first and therefore at the end of the IVF cycle simply told me that my ovaries were not producing the eggs required for the IVF process. The other gynaecologists I met at the time simply did not have the expertise to treat the endometriosis. I was tired with the twenty day cycle of pain each month, and opted to try homeopathy to treat the uncomfortable symptoms I was experiencing. This included excruciating pain in the pelvic region, an irritable bowel and an acidic digestive system. All of these symptoms also resulted in poor eating habits which in the years that followed led me to be anaemic with reduced iron levels. The homeopathy worked brilliantly for a while to calm all the symptoms, but never healed the endometriosis, much to my disappointment.Five years down the line into homeopathy treatment, one fine day in January 2015 I woke up with what I thought was a muscle pulling in my left calf muscle. By 3 pm that day, the muscle was a hard rock. Further investigation that evening through a venous doppler scan had me check-in to hospital to be treated for DVT. After four days of treatment, I checked out of hospital with the doctors’ orders to take a blood thinner tablet each day to prevent clotting in the future.The new blood thinner tablet however impacted my periods in February, and with the growing endometriosis I had to endure a painful and heavy period for 25 long days. I was exhausted, drained and at the time did not monitor my haemoglobin levels. I sailed through March, seemingly uneventfully (unaware that my haemoglobin levels were dropping drastically) and when my periods began in April, little did I know what was in store for me. My period was heavy. On the seventh day of my period I began to feel tired and that night I bled heavily. By dawn I was exhausted and could hardly stand. To my good fortune, I managed to eat a good breakfast which made me feel better. However, after a shower that morning, I felt weak again and this time too weak to hold up my head, let alone walk. My family rushed me to the Fortis Hospital on Bannerghatta Road, and by the time I met Dr. Manisha close to noon, I was as white as a sheet. I had lost the rosiness of my cheeks, and my eyes and nails were a ghostly white. With the efficiency of a seasoned professional, Dr. Manisha organized the requisite blood tests and to my shock, we found that my haemoglobin levels had dropped to 4.5 against the normal range of 12 - 15. Fortis came to my rescue with immediately organizing 5 units of blood, and over the evening and night I received the requisite blood transfusions.During this time, Dr. Rajesh reviewed my health condition, and together with Dr. Manisha and Dr. Rajpal Singh ascertained that they would need to carefully plan a hysterectomy. Now, keeping in mind that I am a DVT patient, it was at an enormous risk. The clot in my left leg though diminished over three months still existed, and the doctors had to think about safeguarding me from the clot travelling to my lungs during the proposed surgery. Dr. Manisha and Dr. Rajesh in consultation with Dr. Rajpal, suggested that I consider having an IVC filter inserted prior to my surgery the following day. Simply explained, the IVC filter would be my protective filter during and post-surgery, in the event that the clot was dislodged or new clots formed during surgery and embarked on a journey to my lungs. A 'lung attack' was definitely something the doctors needed to avoid with my precarious health condition during the surgery. So 30 hours after admission at Fortis, and after receiving 5 units of blood, Dr. Raj calmly explained the procedure to me and my family, and his efficient team in the OT inserted the IVC filter in 30 minutes. My family and I now felt more confident to go ahead with the surgery the following day knowing that I now had the additional protection of the IVC filter. The nurses at Fortis took good care of me and monitored my vitals through the night, and I woke up on the third day at Fortis feeling ready and positive about the surgery. My family and I prayed a lot during this time, and asked the good Lord to guide our decision and bless the doctors and the team who would conduct the surgery later that day. A couple of hours before the surgery, when the anaesthetist Dr. Anita came in to see me, she noticed that I held on firmly to a picture of Infant Jesus. Later, when I was wheeled into the OT, she asked if I wanted Infant Jesus to be with me and when I happily nodded, she ensured that the image of my faith was tucked beneath my pillow. Dr. Manisha and her team operated on me for about 3.5 hours. After receiving another 4 units of blood and 2 units of FBP, I woke up and Dr. Manisha was there with her radiant smile to tell me that I had done well, that the surgery was a success and I now had to sleep and rest.The ICU was well equipped with efficient staff to look after me, although I missed having my family with me that night. When I saw the rays of the sun peeping through the window the following morning, I felt renewed and happy. Dr. Manisha came in smiling later that morning and was happy with the progress I had made, and signed off for me to get back to my room at the hospital. Later that day, the kind physiotherapists at Fortis acknowledged my tears, but were firm with the exercises to help me out of bed to commence walking. Together with the encouragement of my family and the smiles of all the nurses, I courageously took my first painful steps to walk. Since then, there was no stopping me. And six days from the fateful Monday morning, I was discharged from Fortis and happily went home.I am happy, relieved, excited and rejuvenated to say the least. I had now got a new lease of life, thanks to the enduring support of my family, especially my husband and the exceptional expertise of the doctors and staff at Fortis.I hope my story inspires you to be courageous to make an informed and bold decision for your own good health.I hope my story allows you to believe for yourself that there is more to life than the beautiful miracle of conception. As women and partners in a marriage, we have the opportunity to choose to have a baby through surrogacy, or adopt a baby from the millions who are born in to this world and have no one to love or care for them and give them the opportunity to grow with good values and live a good life. We have the opportunity to make good choices, and let’s make them. My prayer for women today is to use the support of their family, friends and excellent doctors at Fortis to regain the good quality of life we were born with. Give yourself a renewed lease of life!